Beach Pebble Earrings - Moroccan

  • $65.00

Each pair is made on demand - 10 DAY TURNAROUND TIME.

Our Brass Pebble Earrings embody the organic beauty of nature, capturing the essence of seaside tranquility and the rhythmic patterns left by the waves.

They are a minimalist ode to the beauty found in simplicity, inspired by the treasures hidden along the coastline.

Textured Hand-painted Brass Pebble earrings with polished Sterling Silver hooks. 

These earrings showcase a harmonious blend of Turquoise and Golden hues, drawing inspiration from the vibrant aesthetic of Moroccan design.

Each pebble is a canvas that tells a unique story, reflecting the artistry and cultural richness of the coastal landscapes.

Celebrating the individuality of each pebble, the size (around 3cm across) and color may vary, as each pair is meticulously crafted in our studio.

This commitment to nature's uniqueness preserves the special character of every piece, ensuring that no two pairs are alike.