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Our Story Secret Fern NZ

- Beauty By Nature - 

Melanie C. , owner and founder of Secret Fern creations showing her creations

Created in 2020, Secret Fern NZ is inspiring women of all ages to live fully and express themselves with colours, organic shapes of nature.

Owned and operated by Melanie Camoin from her new jewellery studio (formerly in Waihi Beach, Bay of Plenty) in Oamaru, South Island of New Zealand.

The essence of Secret Fern NZ is born by the shores of the Mediterranean sea where Melanie is from - a mix of ethnicities and cultures from her French, Portuguese, Italian and  Egyptian roots.
A trip back home in 2019 inspired her to capture this essence in her creations and bring them back to New Zealand. 

Her dainty gemstone bracelets are inspired by the elegant and semi-precious jewellery of the Riviera and French Provence from St Tropez to the Lavandou. 

Her hand-painted and metal polymer earrings are colourful statements celebrating human uniqueness and cultural diversity through organic shapes and colours.

In 2020, Melanie brought a piece of her country's tradition, vegetal leather or cork handbags, in to New Zealand which supports an ancestral and sustainable craftsmanship of the Mediterranean basin.

Our fair-trade handbags help support the ecological diversity of the Montado in Portugal where sustainable cork forests are strictly regulated by UE regulations and provide livelihood for hundreds of locals. 


Buying Secret Fern also means supporting a small New Zealand creative business with all of our packaging being either recycled or compostable. ​Some of our precious metals such as Sterling Silver is recycled too. 

We hope you will enjoy our creations.