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Born on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, I am a French multi-disciplinary creative working in my jewellery studio in Oamaru, New Zealand. 

My background is in media/communication but has always had passion for the Arts & sustainability throughout my life, from photography, creative writing to woodworking or wool felting.

With Secret Fern, I have found a creative outlet of choice to express myself and exploring our connection with our natural environment and our ancient history with a contemporary jewellery style.

I have always been fascinated by nature’s wonders and ancient relics, both are telling us stories.
My main source of inspiration is working with ‘perfect imperfections’ - organic shapes, intriguing textures, mixed metals, colours and patina - and the natural world around us. Also my roots from Provence and Mediterranean heritage are also a source of inspiration. 

In 2020, I added a piece of my heritage, cork handbags, in to my toolbox which supports an ancestral and sustainable craftsmanship of the Mediterranean basin.

Our fair-trade handbags help support the ecological diversity of the Montado in Portugal where sustainable cork forests are strictly regulated by UE regulations and provide livelihood for hundreds of locals.

In my jewellery studio, I also focus on recycling and minimising toxic processes experimenting with more sustainable alternatives instead. All my inner and outer packaging is recyclable too. 

Designing and making each jewellery piece by hand is a slow process therefore a deeply grounding experience.

Ultimately it is a reflection to connect and re-connect with my roots afar and my own nature.

Aroha - Melanie C.