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Born on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, I am a French multi-disciplinary creative working in my jewellery studio in Oamaru, New Zealand. 

My professional background is rooted in media and communication, yet my lifelong passions have woven through various artistic avenues—photography, music and creative writing, woodworking, and wool felting.

With Secret Fern, I've discovered the ideal creative outlet to express myself, delving into our profound connection with the natural world and our ancient history through a contemporary jewellery lens.

Nature's wonders and the stories embedded in ancient relics have always captivated me.

My inspiration stems from the beauty found in 'perfect imperfections'—organic shapes, intriguing textures, mixed metals, vibrant colours, and the captivating allure of patina.

Additionally, my Provence and Mediterranean heritage serve as a timeless wellspring of creative influence.

Within my jewellery studio, a commitment to sustainability guides my work.

I focus on recycling materials and minimising toxic processes, continually exploring more eco-friendly alternatives. Even my inner and outer packaging align with this ethos, as both are entirely recyclable.

The meticulous process of designing and crafting each jewellery piece by hand is a deliberate and unhurried endeavour. This deliberate pace fosters a deeply grounding experience, connecting me with my roots and the essence of my own nature.

Ultimately, each creation becomes a reflection—an intricate tapestry woven to connect and re-connect with my distant roots and the intrinsic beauty of my own existence.

Aroha - Melanie C.