Mother Serpent Earrings

  • $89.00

Each pair is made on demand - 10 DAY TURNAROUND TIME.

Our "Lost Tribe" collection is a celebration of ancestral cultures.

We experiment forging, shaping and texturing metal and mixed media resulting in primal line of jewellery, artisan-made with a colourful modern feel.  

Hand forged and Textured brass on a stamped polymer clay stud. 

Earring posts are hypoallergenic - surgical steel. 

This pair is 5.5cm long, very lightweight and each is made to order.

Serpents have always played an important role in ancestral traditions. For some Native Americans such as the Hopi or the Pueblo, they are associated with fertility.  The Hopi used to perform ritual serpent dances every year to make sure crops will be fruitful and nature be fertile. 

Snakes have also been part of Australian Aboriginal Creation stories with the Rainbow Serpent seen, by many tribes, as the source of life, protector of people and the land and also symbol of fertility. 

Egyptians also believed the creation of Earth and all life was symbolised with a curled-up snake (according to the New Zealand Maori people, a similar coil symbol, seen in nature with the Baby Fern is called the "Koru") where the god creator Ra (Sun) was born from.  

Each pair may slightly differ from the ones pictured, due to being handcrafted.