African Mask Earrings

  • $89.00
Stud colour

Each pair is made on demand - 10 DAY TURNAROUND TIME.

Our "Lost Tribe" collection is a celebration of ancestral cultures.

We experiment forging, shaping and texturing metal and mixed media resulting in primal line of jewellery, artisan-made with a colourful modern feel.  

Hand forged Brass with an organic sealed patina and a foliage-stamped and sealed polymer clay stud.

Earring posts are hypoallergenic - surgical steel. 

3 colours of studs to choose from. 

This pair is 7.5cm long, very lightweight and each pair is made to order.

Masks in many cultures, and also in Africa, have an essential role within the community. They represent the spirit of the ancestors and used in ritual dances but can also depict totem animals too. While other mask can have more of a religious value too. 

There are countless masks depictions and their carving is an art that keeps being passed on today.

Your pair may slightly differ from the ones pictured, due to them being handcrafted.