Miss Grande Bag

  • $125.00

This large beige and black bag is the perfect everyday companion and can fit large or small items -  coming with a range of compartments.

Spacious bag

Whether you are going shopping, a busy work meeting or to the beach, this bag packs a punch in terms of space. It includes one large main compartment with a small inner zipper pocket as well as an outer one.

Stash you books, umbrella, courses, make-up and keys in one bag. 

Choose your style wearing it as a handbag or a crossbody, thanks to its removable and adjustable shoulder strap.  

The main compartment is also secured with a zipper. 



Design is inspired by modern monochrome Mediterranean style with floral black patterns at the front. The backside of the bag is all black such is the lower front part. 


Made from high cork, fair-trade and handcrafted with European Quality.

A soft, flexible, and durable bag. 

- Cork fabric
- Lining 35% cotton 65% polyester

Size + Fit
- Height: 34cm (13.38 in) - Can fit one or several A4 size magazines. 
- Width: 33cm (12.99 in).