Dainty Charm and Gemstone Bracelet

  • $41.00

Each bracelet is made with around 3mm natural gemstones and high quality hypoallergenic surgical steel, 14k gold filled beads and findings for a no-rust and near water-safe result. Wear it solo or combine gemstones and styles. 


  • Mookaite - It is an Earth energy, grounding stone that helps to tune to our inner wisdom, our gut feeling. This stone has been used by royalty and said to heal lineages. 
  • Lapis lazuli - It connects to our intuition and wisdom. It is the truth-seeker stone. It is also a great stone for intellectual professions to help analyse, bring new ideas and to enhance memory and retain information.
  • Rutilated Quartz - As member of the quartz family, it has a cleansing effect and a conductor of energy. It is a feel-good stone said to boost mental and physical energy.
  • Moonstone - It symbolises the divine feminine energy and the qualities related to: compassion, peace within yourself and nourishing for the soul.
  • Strawberry Quartz - A member of the quartz family, this crystal has a cleansing effect and is a conductor of energy. It is said to amplify and radiate the energy of love and gratitude. It is a stone for caring of all the matters of the heart.
  • Tourmaline - It is a stone for the creative minds and writers as it helps find inspiration. It is a healing stone for the matter of the heart and overcome past hurts.
  • Malachite - It is the stone of travellers said to protect them in their whereabouts and support the emotional well-being. It is said to help overcome fear of change.

SIZES: Are shown on the drop box however please email us for special request (size) if not already displayed in the drop box.

Buyers advice: Water-safe does not mean waterproof. Water-safe means it is ok to wear them in the shower, but make sure to pat dry afterwards. I would not recommend salt or chlorinated water for an extended period of time though.


Disclaimer: The metaphysical properties of gemstones is provided for guidance and reference only. If you suffer from a condition, please refer to your Health Care Practitioner.