Beach Pebble Earrings - Green River

  • $65.00

Each pair is made on demand - 10 DAY TURNAROUND TIME.

Embark on a sensory journey with our Serene Shoreline Collection, where the tranquility of a beachside stroll meets the elegance of handcrafted artistry.

Our Green River Brass Pebble Earrings are a poetic ode to the serene moments of beachside strolls, where the whispers of the waves inspire foraging ocean treasures and discovering hidden beach gems.

Carefully hand-painted, the green hue of these earrings encapsulates the soothing tones found in nature's hidden gems.

The craftsmanship breathes life into each pebble, offering a wearable canvas that reflects the beauty of the beach.


Hooks are made of hypoallergenic Sterling Silver. 

Cherishing the individuality of each pebble, we celebrate the variations in pebble size (approximately 3cm across) and color.

Crafted individually in our studio, each pair is a bespoke creation, preserving the unique and precious character of nature.

Each pair is made on demand and not two look alike.