Shankha Shell Labradorite Bracelet

  • $45.00

Handmade in our NZ studio. 

In ancient Sanskrit, the conch is known as Shankha meaning “a shell holding the sacred water" as thought to appear after a storm and harnessing the power of the ocean. 

14k Gold Filled Conch Charm and natural 3-4mm Labradorite bracelet.

An elegant touch to your summer style jewellery! 

Lightweight yet semi-precious bracelets that have a dainty feel on the skin.

wear them anytime, anywhere or mix & match the styles.


Buyers advice: Water-safe does not mean waterproof. Water-safe means it is ok to wear them in the shower, but make sure to pat dry afterwards.

We do not recommend salt or chlorinated water for an extended period of time.