Heishi Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet

  • $40.00

Made with natural and ethically-sourced Afghan Turquoise gemstones and high quality hypoallergenic surgical steel, 14k gold filled beads and findings for a no-rust and near water-safe result.

They are lightweight, dainty, strong and very feminine. 

Wear your bracelet solo or combine several with colours and/or styles. 


  • Natural Turquoise: It is one of the oldest healing stone used across civilisations from Egypt to Persian empires, Native Americans and many more. At the time used by ancesters as a protection talisman to dispel negative energies or ornemental stone in jewellery. It is also an excellent calming and gentle stone for the mood. 

SIZES: Are shown on the drop box however for larger/custom size, write down your size in the "add note to the seller's" section in your cart. 

Buyers advice: Water-safe does not mean waterproof, especially with natural Turquoise as it is quite a porous gemstone. Its colours might vary - and often can darken overtime - due to the contact with skin's natural oil, sweat or air moisture. 


Disclaimer: The metaphysical properties of gemstones is provided for guidance and reference only. If you suffer from a condition, please refer to your Health Care Practitioner.