handmade and painted polymer clay earrings showing a cactus on a dune and the sun shining over the dark blue sky. more models available.


"It feels good to be different".

We believe that everything we wear or embody is an extension of ourselves.

This include jewellery are an expression of what mood, style we like at a certain moment or who we are. In ancien times, each piece of jewellery held a specific meaning and was worn by the Chiefs or the Shamans or family members... Each piece was different and was the expression of who these people were at the time. 

Our handcrafted earrings are just made the same way. 

They are original and different, one-off designs that stems from a creative and meditative process. 

Most of them are inspire by nature, its shapes and colours and also by cultures and ethnicities. 

We work with a lightweight material, polymer clay and many other media to create a unique piece. 

Our posts are hypoallergenic surgical steel.

Stay tuned for more earrings surprises working with Sterling Silver very soon. 


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