Why Secret Fern or how did I come up with my brand ?

I have been asked why the name Secret Fern...

Before starting my journey of launching my business, I was far from having my mind set on a name. In fact, It was quite the reverse.

I had dozen of names coming in mind, some were short, others long, some funny and others down to earth...and I did research, I overcame many disappointment when some that I thought of and really liked, were taken..

Yes... Because on the Internet sphere of globalisation, it is not easy to find a "virgin" name. Most of these I looked up were taken, even in my own country of New Zealand.

Research after research, more brain fogs and headaches, I decide to cut loose and go for a walk out to get fresh ideas.

I left the "finding a name" out for some time, weeks in fact until that day.

Looking at all of my previous names crossed on my piece of paper, I thought about who I was, what are my connection and why did I want to start a handmade jewellery business.

Then Secret Fern came into my mind and in a second, it all made sense.

Bonus, this name is not taken in my country, so I took it as a major sign, it had to be for me.

I guess this name came into my mind from "my higher self"... You know the idea of when you think and overthink of something for hours, days, weeks...You are trying so hard and at the end, you have not energy for your creativity and your truth to flow.

Having a break I believed, helped me reconnect with myself... Because it is not just about a name, it should embodies way more:

- Who you are.

- Why are you doing this.

It is about your vision and thought this vision, the message you want to convey.

Secret Fern to me is my - and our - connection to nature, the Silver Fern being the (vegetal) national symbol of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

And nature is all around us. Unfortunately, it is sometimes regarded as just a recreational place but it is so much more, it is us. WE are nature, we convey energy in everything we do and think.

Creativity is an expression of nature and there are thousand ways to express our creativity.

I have chosen to create some dainty bracelets (mainly) and secondly polymer clay earrings.

But my main source is expressing this creativity using natural - non heated or dyed - gemstones from the bracelets I make.

Gemstones have magical qualities...They are sparkly and each is unique in pattern and colours and density. Each gemstones is a piece of Earth in itself. And all together remind us how we are, again, all connected to this Earth and between us.

So, then there is the second part, why the Secret ? Simply because this ties more around my personality as I have quite a private person. Even sometimes I can be a little bit of a lone wolf and it is in this secretive moment with myself that I create.

Here we go, hopefully I have answered the question of "why Secret Fern?" but provided other insight too.

As a side notes for the ones who are still searching for "their name/brand", when it clicks and everything else around it flows within yourself and out then you will know that you have chosen a name that reflect who you are.