Escape in Provence

Ochres coloured houses from the village of Roussillon, in Provence, France

        PHOTO/ Secret Fern. 

You will need a lot of stamina if you decide cycling to the village of Roussillon, but it is well worth the reward.  

You will need to be prepared for a slow and steep ride uphill along bushes and tiny settlements before discovering this historical gem of Provence. 

The village has been awarded one of the most beautiful of France thanks to its preservation and natural ochre deposits from which the dwellings get their distinctive earthy tones. 

Dry air was brushing my face, the scent of pine trees and the song of the cicadas are following me during my ride up.

narrow street in the village of roussillon, Provence, France

PHOTO/ Secret Fern. 

It felt like home, I was back home. And all the familiarities, the cosy feeling you get when you thing of it.  

At the top, I was surprised by the number of tourists overflowing this little place but the breathtaking view over the Natural Regional Park of Luberon give you the sense of being alone with nature. 

red painted house in roussillon, provence, franceTapiezo artist shop in roussillon, france

PHOTOS/ Secret Fern. 

As I wandered through the narrow lanes, twisting and turning where I discovered a variety of artisans. Their work is handmade from produces or materials found locally.

They use the ochres in textiles, paint their villages, make lavender and olive oils from the fields further down …  

It is a thriving creative community that has been inspiring me in my creative journey with their skills and humility, they have so much to share, and are never shy for a chat. 

While there, time stops just to let you being guided, the old stones, the cat sleeping on the window sill, the old ladies painting their church. 

As I get lost into the winding paths, I started dreaming and meditated at the top of the hill, breathing in and out slowing all the good vibes and inspiration I have taken for the journey ahead.